MFM Reader/Emulator Revision B board

Page Changes:

09/04/2016 Updated image for flashing to work with new flash chip on recent Beaglebone green board. Updated to latest software.

02/26/2016 New version of code that has primitive support for writing. Update to status/tested configurations page.

02/05/2016 New version v1.0pre19 release with fixes. Added new mfm tool ext2emu which converts extracted data files back into emulator files. Only supports a few formats currently. See documentation

12/26/2015 New version v1.0pre11 release with minor fixes. Also various minor corrections to the pages.

10/11/2015 Pages reorganized and various corrections.

8/5/2015 Released revision B code and final board files. Draft of board building and testing instruction

7/30/2015 Fixed error in reference designator in BOM.

7/29/2015 Prices updates based on quotes so far. Updated instructions for installing new u-boot. The install on an out of box board had the files in a different location.

7/27/2015 Updated board files including BOM. Changed to different part number for shrouded connectors as the primary. Parts list has as primary the parts I am using for the assembled boards. From quote received so far assembled board will likely be slightly more than original estimate.

7/22/2015 Added boot failure issue and resolution and document assembled boards will come with shrouded connectors.

Also see MFM Announcements

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